Fuck Obama and The Raci$t Scumbags

Obama is a Racist, Xenophobic, Misogynist, Anti-White scumbag


President obama, piss be upon him, proved today that he is the most pathetic persons ever elected to the once prominent position of the leader of the free world.

Lets get started with the position of the Presidency of the USA.  The position used to held by intelligent people who held the safety of the citizens in high regard.  obama, piss be upon him, hates all people who are not negros.  obama, piss be upon him, is allowing an invading army into our country.  The invading army has clearly stated that their intent is to destroy our culture.  Allowing an invading army into the USA puts all Americans in real and clear danger. The Presidency of the USA has become a gate keeper position,  the prezzy has flung open the gates for terrorists and leaches to rob, rape, murder, etc.

President obama, piss be upon him, is a low IQ dirtbag, who was drug across the finish line by people who hate White folks.  Here is a great video on how and why negros are more stupid than an average White person.

Need I say more?

Ok.. I will..

Negros are violent.